ICPS Weight Loss and Control

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Your weight and your diet are two of the most important things that determine your health and how long you’re going to live, aside from genetics of course. The International Conference of Physicians and Surgeons is an initiative to help inform you of the best health choices, as well as to bring you the latest and most current news regarding your health and weight.

Established in 2011, we’ve grown substantially and continue to recruit new, bright minds into the group. Currently, we consist of merely 8 individuals: two surgeons, 4 physicians, a creative director that helps guide us into new ways to reach people, a technology director that ensures we’re always safe and secure with the latest technology and our business director that dots our “i’s” and crosses our “t’s”.

According to the CDC, obesity in America is not something that should be taken lightly. It also drives up the costs of healthcare and other finances that you may not realize, as well. Consider this:

Over 35 percent of the adults in this country are obese or overweight.
Just a few of the health conditions that are common with obesity are stroke, different types of cancer, diabetes (type 2) and heart disease. If you think about it, these are all leading causes of death in America that could likely be prevented if we get our weight under control.
Nearly $157 billion U.S. Dollars were needed to cover the yearly cost of obesity in 2008. If you’re obese, you likely spent nearly $1,500 more on health care than if you weren’t.

Take a quick look at the map below and it’s easy to see just how big of a problem obesity has become and why it’s so important that we find a way to help people lose weight and keep it off. Honestly, we don’t care if it’s through diet and exercise that helps long term or if it’s a natural weight loss supplement that’s proven safe and effective.


The above map shows the epidemic very clearly. From 1985 to 2010 the change in weight for Americans is astronomical. The South clearly has seen the worst uphill battle against the bulge. However, there was a study that researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham would possibly suggest that those who live in the South just may be more forthcoming in reporting their true weight.

Know Your BMI

BMI stands for body mass index and it can be an important insight to how much weight and fat that you should lose in order to get healthy and increase your lifespan. It’s a proven fact that it indicates how much of your weight is actually fat and how likely you are to develop health problems due to it. Use the calculator that you can on the right hand side of this page to determine your BMI.